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Core Values


Preach the Word

The faithful exposition of the Word of God is essential in order to equip God’s people with eternal truth.

Walk in Grace
It is essential that we fight the cultural tendency to view only the externals of mankind. This sin is intensified and fully mature in the Bible Belt and often appears in the form of legalism, the fear of man and the desire to protect one’s reputation. Instead, we walk in transparency knowing that the church is filled with broken people. Through open services, testimonies, and humble leadership we rest in the grace of Christ to change hearts as we honestly profess his power to do so.

Care in Community
Christian community is essential to care for the physical and spiritual needs of God’s people. Through membership, community groups, and church discipline and restoration, we proclaim that our relationship with Jesus is not private but is interwoven with the life of God’s people.

Live the Mission
The mission is the advancement of the Gospel in all of life, reproduced from generation to generation, city to city, and nation to nation. We are missional in our marriages (depicting Christ and the church), into our children (depicting the Trinity and adoption), and through our work (revealing us as his workmanship and enabling us to cultivate creation as he has called us to do). We live and give the gospel to our neighbors and co-workers believing that God, in his sovereignty, has placed us with non-Christians as instruments of his grace. Our church reproduces by planting other churches at home and around the world.