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We Are Also


We are also members of the Acts 29 Network of churches. You may not know who that is or what that means. Here is a short video to introduce you to Acts 29 and some more information below.


Over the last ten years Acts 29 has emerged from a small band of brothers to nearly 500 churches around the world. We want to allow a unifying, uncommon movement of God to happen through Acts 29. Centered on the Gospel, we desire to advance the mission of Jesus through obediently planting church-planting churches. It is our hope to see this leading to millions of lives changed by the power of the Spirit for the glory of God.

Acts 29 is not a model or a style. We have churches with live preaching and others with video-delivered sermons. We have independent church plants, replants, and existing churches that want to focus on planting new churches out of their existing congregations. Simply, we seek to be a movement of church-planting churches.


The mission of Acts 29 is to band together churches, which, for the sake of Jesus and the gospel, plant new churches and replant dead and dying churches around the world. This work is done in obedience to the great commission (Matt. 28:18-20), with the goal of seeing millions of lives changed by the power of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to be a Spirit-empowered network of churches, united on mission to reach all people groups for the glory of God, planting churches that in turn plant more churches. If God has called you to plant or replant a church, apply to Acts 29 and our pastors will shepherd you in that journey. As a member, you will be in relationship with other planters through assessment, training, and support as we strive to continue planting church-planting churches.


Acts 29 exists to resource church planters and church-planting pastors around the world. We accomplish this through recruitment, assessment, training, and support.

Recruitment – We provide ways to introduce men to our network, from national events to regional events. We also encourage the building of personal relationships with existing Network members.

Assessment – We provide a clear process for Network membership, with an emphasis on church planting residencies and an evaluation that sets potential members up for success.

Training – We provide opportunities for Network members to continue to develop the competencies needed to lead a church-planting church.

Support – We provide resources that help men thrive as leaders of church-planting churches.


Acts 29 stands in the tradition of historic evangelical confessionalism. While we believe it is vital that the Elders of each of our churches determine where they stand on doctrines of second importance, we do wish to make known our convictions on the following five theologically-driven core values:

  1. Gospel centrality in all of life.
  2. The sovereignty of God in saving sinners.
  3. The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit for all of life and ministry.
  4. The fundamental moral and spiritual equality of male and female and to men as responsible servant-leaders in the home and church.
  5. The local church as the primary means by which God chooses to establish his kingdom on earth.


In 2012, Matt Chandler became the President of Acts 29. In looking to the future of our network, he outlined four hopes. As he states, “These aren’t complex and seem to me to be no-brainers, even though it might take years before some of them are a reality. I will be and am currently putting my efforts and influence to work in these directions.”

  1. Plant Churches that Plant Churches
  2. Be Known for Holiness and Humility
  3. Become a Radically Diverse Crowd
  4. Be Serious about Evangelism and Conversions

If you have further questions, please contact us or speak to one of our elders when you visit this Sunday.