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Alone at the Table

A couple of weeks ago I stood in the back of the room as our people took the Lord’s Supper. I can’t do this very often because I am typically serving people or praying with them at the front of the room. As I observed, I noticed something: The Lord’s Supper can be a very lonely time for people. I not speaking primarily of a non-Christian who may feel alone in that he is not invited to participate. I’m speaking of the followers of Jesus, who often group together as families and friends, leaving the initiated or unmarried to experience this grand declaration of the Gospel alone.

I don’t believe this is a crisis. But, I find it a little disturbing that, while celebrating the grandest display of reconciliation between God and man and man and man, some would be left out. I mean, we do call it “Communion,” right? Yet, there are those who are spiritually part of the celebration while being physically left out of it. It almost feels like walking into someone else’s family Thanksgiving dinner celebration. Which one of these things is not like the other? Oh, you! You’re spiritually one of us, you just won’t feel like it right now.

Maybe I’m overstating it.

What’s my point? My point is that any Christian who doesn’t want to be alone during the Lord’s Supper, should not be alone. What a perfect time to declare not only the reconciliation we have to God but also the reconciliation with have to each other…regardless of status: social, marital, familial or otherwise.

This Sunday, look around, see who is alone and ask them to share your circle of friends and family. Maybe God will use physical communion to cultivate further spiritual Communion.