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Dear Sinner…I have Good News for You

For those who know their sin, fight their sin, hate their sin, morn over their sin, and long to see victory over sin, I have good news for you. Christ still loves you. For any Child of God, who still struggles with idolatry (all of us), I offer these comforts:

Hear Jesus say,

“My grace is greater than your idolatry! You can’t out sin my grace! You cannot outlast my patience. You can’t overturn my grace!” “Are you an idolater? Yes. And are you a radical new creation, beloved, chosen, and loved by the Father? Yes! More than you could ever conceive!”

Hear Him again,

“The Cross is more sufficient than you first thought. Dear Idolater, where is your sin? It is indeed OBLITERATED. I am he who BLOTS OUT your transgressions for my own sake (Isaiah 43:25).

Listen to the Savior say,

“My son, where is your sin? it is FORGOTTEN. I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins NO MORE (Hebrews 8:12).

Open your ears to the our sympathetic Savior as he says,

“Dear sinner, do you think that your sin is going to keep me from loving you? Do you think that, now that I have bought you, I am going to sell you back? Do you think that I will not finish what I starter. Oh, my dear son, you got it all wrong. Do you not know what I went through to make you mine? Do you really think I am going to put the brakes on my love because of your sin? Never. We will work through your sin together. But know this: I will NEVER stop loving you.”


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