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Gospel Refresh

God created everything good, to live in perfect community with him and with each other. A perfect world – no death, disease, war or sickness.


The Bible calls it sin. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, chose their own way instead of God’s way and violated the laws that they were made the live within. With their fall, the entirety of creation fell with them. In came death, disease, evil, war and strife. They sinned, and every person born through Adam’s seed has both inherited that sinful nature and has committed his own sins.

Because God is just, he must punish sin as any just judge should punish any law breaker. The payment for justice is death. But because God is full of mercy he desired to save the sinner; because he is full of grace he determined to set all of creation back to being good again.

So, rather than destroying everything he had made, he delayed justice until the time when he would come to earth in the God-man Jesus. When the time was right, God punished the perfect man Jesus with our sin. Though Jesus had never sinned, he willingly took our sin on himself so that God could justly punish sin and graciously save sinners. That is not the end of the story. After making full payment for sin, Jesus defeated the last enemy, death, breaking free of the chains of death and rising again from the grave. Life, therefore, is only possible in and through the One who has the power over death – Jesus Christ!

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