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Secular-Sacred Divide

In anticipation of the new school year, I have a pop quiz for you:

  1. Going to church on Sunday is a sacred activity. (True)
  2. Going to the lake on Sunday is a secular activity. (False)
  3. Passion Worship Band plays/sings Christian music. (False)
  4. Carrie Underwood sings non-Christian music. (False)
  5. It’s okay to dance at a wedding reception if it’s held at a country club but not okay if it’s held on church property. (False)

The quiz hits at a key issue that we face as Christians. It is the secular-sacred divide. This is the idea that there are certain things and activities that are intrinsically secular or sacred. We use the labels secular or sacred to refer to activities or objects – or may call something “Christian,” not a person but an inanimate object.

The language we use and the accompanying mindset shapes our understanding so that we compartmentalize our lives between secular and sacred activities. For example, going to church on Sunday is sacred but going to the lake on Sunday is secular. I bet you that a large majority of people we live and interact with would believe that and I bet that many of us feel the same way. Even though there is no mention of sin or wrongdoing at all in going to the lake on Sunday – it just doesn’t feel sacred to us.

It does feel very right to categorize activities and things are secular or sacred. It seems very reasonable to argue that some activities are okay other days of the week but not Sunday; to separate the Lord’s Day as a day for God and his activities. Or, for us to separate pieces of our life between things that are “for the Lord” and things that are “for me.”

My hope is for us to look at what God’s Word says about the way of life that each of us pursues. It is my firm belief that in doing so we will see that for the Christian there is not secular-sacred divide, which compartmentalizes our lives, activities and relationships. We will begin today by talking about worship because who or what we worship will absolutely dictate our entire life.

– Pastor Matt Nestburg

If you want to hear more about the secular-sacred divide, check out the full sermon here.

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