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Compassion Without Compromise

This sermon is NOT a call to panic. It is, rather, a call to uncompromising, Christlike courage.

Did you catch that?

Uncompromising, Christlike courage is not belligerent, hateful words. It’s not stereotyping, rolling our eyes and mumbling insults under our breath. It’s not ducking – building a bunker, constructing a Christian compound, hunkering down and waiting for the apocalypse.

Nor is uncompromising, Christlike courage is a call to abandon the clear teaching of Scripture. It’s not cowering under the weight of name-calling, or bowing to the redefinition of words like marriage, bigotry and tolerance. It’s not fear of being “on the wrong side of history.” It’s not allowing the mistakes of the past to hamstring us into deeper and broader errors in the future.

Jesus told us to expect hostility from the world. Our response to the hostility of the world is to apply the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every soul and every sin.

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