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Everything in Jesus: Body Contentment


Ephesians 5:3-4 – These words were to Christians; those in the notoriously sinful port city of Ephesus. The reputation of sailors coming into port from a long journey at sea is not a recent invention. Ephesus fed into this insatiable sexual appetite. Ephesus was a sexually wicked metropolis that worshiped the multi-breasted goddess Diana. Ritual prostitution was a way of life; sexual perversion was a cultural accepted.

Into this culture, Paul writes to the followers of Jesus who are called to have the most exalted sexual ethics of any religion. Sometimes, it had to feel like the fight to remain holy in such a culture was a hopeless fight. Yet, Paul doesn’t say run away and start another city.

How can we follow the Word of God when we live in an Ephesian-like culture as well? The practice of thanksgiving (“instead let there be thanksgiving”) is a weapon in the war against sexual greed. Let’s take a look together.

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