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Human Life is Sacred

Genesis 9:1-7 – The purpose of this talk is to present the value of human life with a Christian worldview. We may assume that people know that human life is valuable. We would be wrong. We may assume that at least all CHRISTIANS are opposed to the unjustifiable destruction of human life. We would be wrong.

I hope to give some helpful information and answer some questions that you may encounter. I also want you to see how important and God-centered this topic is.

I can’t cover everything: embryonic research (including stem cells); cloning; capital punishment; war; human exceptionalism or animal rights, and many more.

The structure I will follow is: What does the Bible say? What are some common objections? What do Christians do?

Click here to download the sermon outline (PDF).

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Jan 10, 2016 Human Life is Sacred Listen Download