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Jumbo Shrimp


Mark 11:1-11 – An oxymoron is a compressed paradox; a seeming contradiction in terms. Oxymoron expert Richard Todd Watson says, “The true beauty of oxymorons is that, unless we sit back and really think, we happily accept them as normal English” (“Much Ado About English.” Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2006).

Our text today does have an oxymoron per se, but it is a drawn out illustration of an oxymoron. This is one of the most familiar texts in all the Gospels – Christians and non-Chrisitans alike are generally familiar with the “Triumphal Entry.”

This section is filled with failure and hope. Failure begins here in Mark 11. But the thing about this failure is that it doesn’t look like failure. It’s like JUMBO SHRIMP; but it is BEAUTIFUL FAILURE.

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