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No Personal Retaliation


Matthew 5:38-42 – Dr. Martin Luther King was known for his non-violent protests and his sermons about answering hate with love. One sermon that he wrote from a Georgia jail was based on Matthew 5. In it he said:

“My friends, we have followed the so-called practical way for too long a time now, and it has led inexorably to deeper confusion and chaos…With every ounce of our energy we must continue to rid this nation of the incubus of segregation. But we shall not in the process relinquish our privilege and our obligation to love. While abhorring segregation, we shall love the segregationist. This is the only way to create the beloved community.”

Those powerful and stunning words echo Jesus’ heart in the Sermon on the Mount. This week and next are two powerful paragraphs regarding the strength of Christian love. In each case, the Christian is not the evil perpetrator, but may be the one on the receiving end of evil. So, how should a Christian respond when wronged?

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Aug 6, 2017 No Personal Retaliation Listen Download