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Relational Gifts: Marriage, Part 2


In a classic passage on marriage, Paul uses a strange metaphor (which has become very common to church people) about the body (“soma”). This is a common metaphor with Paul and regularly used in Ephesians. The “soma” verses apply to every relationship, including marriage and singles.

Instead of staying in Ephesians 5, let’s back up to Ephesians 4, and, keeping with the same “soma” theme, look at one other instruction which definitely applies to marriage.

There is a lot of instructions for the Christian; two categories that jump out to me, which are specifically addressed here:

  • Our words, speech = 25, 29
  • Our hearts, specifically anger and bitterness, and their associated emotions = 26, 31-32

Click here to download the sermon outline (PDF).

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May 17, 2015 Relational Gifts: Marriage, Part 2 Listen Download