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Stir Up One Another


Hebrews 10:19-25 – In his book called “Community,” Brad House writes, “Sadly, community within the church today is hemorrhaging. Giving in to the pressures of our culture to do more and fill every gap with entertainment has pushed community to the margins. We don’t have time to invest in people and relationships. Our attention spans have dwindled to two-minute sound bites on YouTube. We can only invest 140 characters in our relationships” (p. 18).

Sound bites are not relationship. House is right when he says that in many ways relationships have been reduced to quick text messages. Community is much more than outbursts of communication. And, community is rooted in much deeper and more significant realities, namely, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The writer to Hebrews is going to show us the link the community that we share with one another to what Christ has done for us.

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