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The Church We Love


2 Corinthians 12:4-31 – The church of today, especially the institutional church, has fallen out of favor. To describe how many professing Christians have separated themselves from the visible church, Kevin DeYoung coined the term “decorpulation.” “If decapitation, from the Latin word caput, means to cut off the head, that it stands to reason that decorpulation, from the Latin word corpus, should refer to cutting off the body.” In other words, it has become normal for folks to claim to be part of the body of Christ who separate, or cut off, themselves from the church.

This is not an attempt to extol the perfection of the church, that would be wasted time and something that even I don’t believe in. The church is not perfect, either the church as defined by all believers for all time or any local church including this one. We are flawed, the church is flawed…but we love her all the same.

This is a brief opportunity to define what the church is from a biblical and historical perspective and then to apply one text of Scripture to our church as we strive to follow God’s Word.

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