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Romans 14:1-12 – When the Roman emperor Claudius expelled the Jews from Rome in A.D. 49, the church in Rome was left only with its Gentile converts to lead the church none of its Jewish leaders or founders. When Claudius died five years later and the Roman Jews are allowed back into Rome, you can imagine the impact on the church with the removal and then reinstatement of the Jewish Roman Christians. The Gentile element in the church would have come into greater influence; a once predominantly “Jewish-origin” church now finds itself in a role reversal. This would’ve included a theological acceleration of the Christian community away from its Jewish origins. And, it would’ve sparked controversies regarding MAJOR DIFFERENCES IN PRACTICE between Jews and Gentiles.

Paul writes Romans 14:1-15:7 to address these Christian opinions, practices that are disputable for Christians. He tells them and us how to handle brothers and sisters with whom we disagree.

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