131 Hidden Hill Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301 10:30 AM

CrossLife is a new church in Spartanburg

As we look forward to what God will do, we are holding fast to a few core principles. We believe that faithful exposure to God’s Word is essential to equipping God’s people to live as followers of Jesus within a culture that doesn’t follow him. Although we live in the very religious-looking Upstate of South Carolina, we still need to fight the cultural tendencies toward external judgments like legalism and fearing the opinions of others. Instead, we want to walk as a transparent community knowing that church is filled with broken people. Our mission is the advancement of the gospel in all of life – spreading throughout Spartanburg and beyond. We pray that the truth of Christ would move from generation to generation, neighborhood to neighborhood and nation to nation. This is all accomplished as we gather to celebrate who Jesus is and what God has done through the gospel!

Our passion is living the gospel transparently, giving the gospel freely and celebrating Jesus abundantly!

For questions, email us at info@crosslifesc.org