Community Groups

Community Groups

Community groups are the primary means by which we make disciples. Our groups meet on a regular basis in homes and at the church to show Christ's love through prayer, care, accountability, mission, encouragement, life events, and fun!

Doing Life Together

One of our goals is to help people to live out the teaching we already receive. We do this by applying the Sunday sermon, seeking missional opportunities serving someone in need, applying CrossLife Church's essentials, a bbq at someone's house, spending an evening in prayer for someone walking through intense need, addressing an issue or conflict in group, visiting a suffering group member in their home or hospital, a book study that would benefit the group or the mission. There are many more - the sky is the limit!

The point is: Care flows through these groups as we live life together.

Contact us to find the perfect community group for you.

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131 Hidden Hill Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29301

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